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Whether you are a first time homeowner or aspiring real estate investor, I can help you reach your goals.


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My name is John Campbell and business is in my DNA.

I launched my first successful startup in college. Two friends and I scraped together $40,000 and opened a  limited-edition sneaker boutique called “Foot Traffik”. The success from that store lead to opportunities I couldn’t imagine– a sitdown interview with Katie Couric for CBS News, an invitation to speak at Harvard, and even a meeting with the founder of Forbes.

I took that ‘beginners luck’ as a sign, and pressed forward.

With money from my store, and a bit of creative financing,  I purchased my first home. I flipped and sold it for a 6-figure profit. Not bad for a college student.

Today, I manage a multi-million dollar portfolio of real estate investments and I consult  fast-growing start ups.

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Make Money In Real Estate

I turned a six-figure profit on my first real estate investment– and I was still in college. There is always money to be made in real estate, whether you are flipping homes or managing an investment property. Make smart choices and minimize your risk by learning the rules of the game. Even if you know nothing, I can teach you the time-tested strategies for real estate success. Let’s work together and turn your investment dreams into a profitable reality.


“John is a proven winner with invaluable insight.  Even at 28 his wealth of real estate and turnaround knowledge will provide value to ANYONE.  I strongly recommended giving him a call.”

– Stedman Graham

Educator, Author & Sought-After Speaker

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Homeownership 101

When making the decision to purchase a home, there are many things to consider. Get answers to your most frequently asked questions here.

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Want me to speak at your next event?

Whether a college, corporation, or convention, my seminars will teach you everything you need to know about building wealth through real estate. A seasoned presenter, I’ve addressed audiences at Harvard University, The National Urban League, Bloomberg Company, and Zappos.com.

Seminar Topics

  • Investing with Minimal Capital
  • Credit Restoration/ Preparation
  • Real Estate Inventory Made Easy
  • Foreclosure & Short Sales
  • Homeownership 101
  • Profit Lab: Investor Primer
  • The Credit Cure: Gain 60-100 Points in Less Than a Year